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The Process Of Duct Work Cleanings:
  • Prior to duct cleanings, a full inspection of the space is recommended to make sure we can access all areas of duct runs before we begin.
  • All A/C units servicing the duct to be cleaned are turned off.
  • Before we begin cleaning, we cover the areas below and around the duct with plastic to protect from debris and dust.
  • All supply air registers and return air grilles are removed to be cleaned, chemically dipped and sanitized.
  • Access doors or Patches are installed, if necessary, to better reach all of the areas of the duct work.
  • Duct work is then thoroughly HEPA vacuumed out and chemically wiped down.
  • We use a sanitizing chemical to kill any remaining bacteria living on the walls of the duct.
  • Cooling coils, blower wheels, and the entire plenum area for the units supplying the duct are also cleaned and sanitized.
  • Upon completion of the duct cleaning, all supply air registers and return air grilles are put back up.
  • Units are turned back on, and all plastic and garbage is removed from the job site.