Air/Ref Condenser Cleaning Corp. - "Where Quality Counts"
Procedure of Cleaning Air Cooled Condensers:  
  • Upon arrival, the HVAC unit first will be shut down properly from its thermostat and then locked out from it's disconnection switch.
  • All access panels to the coil will be removed. Access doors* leading to the air intake side of the coil can be installed if not already on the unit.

  • The condenser coil will then be vacuumed and brushed as necessary.

  • We will then proceed with the cleaning by pressure washing both sides of the condenser coil using an OSHA approved biodegradable coil cleaning chemical.

  • After cleaning, all access doors and panels will be reinstalled. 
  • The disconnect switch and thermostat will be turned back to operating position.

  • We will remain on site to insure the unit is on and running efficiently.

*We carry 18x18 and 12x18 access doors and can install them if necessary.

Procedure of Cleaning Evap & Chilled Water Coils: 

  • Same shut down and cleaning procedure as condenser coils. .

  • In addition to the coil, all drain lines, drip pans, and pump lines are also cleaned.